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5 Good Reason Why We Love Bogs

Our children don’t spend enough time outdoors these days - FACT!  If I had to define Bogs this might be what I'd say -  Bogs : foot friendly facilitators of exploration and enjoyment of the great outdoors. Let me share my own checklist of aspirations for my kids - - Grow... - Thrive... - Be happy & fulfilled! In my opinion in order to do this as humans a massive part is the need to move, play, stimulate our senses, get dirty, take risks, be outside, active, seeking adventure and contact with nature - daily experiences that make memories and influence the blue print of the big person that lovely little person will become! This is best served barefoot. We love shoeless antics........ ...

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Trailer tent: Free to a Good Home.

Last weekend........ Camping. It's June. Summer? I wouldn't call it that. Well I didn't on Saturday when the rain came down. Rain? No that wasn't normal rain. Perhaps it was special Derbyshire rain (we were near Buxton after all) but our old trailer tent leaked. Not just a bit but lots. Not just in the awning either - we could have managed with that - nope right down the middle of the sleeping compartment, the poor dog would have been soaked. Nobody would have slept. Luckily it was still the afternoon.

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Introducing Team Bear-Foot!

This is the first blog article since we launched the website. In our blog entries you can expect info, news and real-life reviews of our products using our own children as testers.  Team Bear-Foot: On our testing panel we have a 4 year old princess (Popsy) into all things pink and princessy (it's a new word!), and a two year old thug, he will be called Chewey. Popsy, has narrow feet and helps me gauge whether the shoes are sufficiently pink! Chewey, has wide sweaty feet! Amongst other things, he helps me gauge whether the robustness of the shoes via the scooter braking test (a complex test that will be reviewed in a future post).   -Phil (Store owner, barefoot runner, Dad)

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