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Shoe Myths...

The more parents I talk to, the more I see how much 'myth' surrounds children shoes. Parents fear getting it wrong, yet unknowingly by selecting mainstream shoes the damage is inevitable. ...3 SHOE Myths...    1. Snug Fit  'Shoes should be a snug fit' isn't that what we're told? If we're talking about preserving natural foot shape and agility then this is wrong. Check out my daughter running and hopping in this video to show how much room is truly needed if shoes are not to impair movement. We know that children's feet at more susceptible to deformation than adult feet due to growth and a greater amount of cartilage - this means it may be possible to wear ill-fitting shoes without...

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Can you touch your nose with your eyes closed?

  Go on...... Give it a one's looking.   If everything is working properly, this should be easy because your brain can sense your body, as well as its position and movement through space. This is called Proprioception, sometimes also referred to as our Sixth Sense(!). The Sixth Sense (no not the movie!) 

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What happens inside your child's shoe?

When it's on their foot!!!!!!   You can't see inside them, all you have is a thumb/finger to prod about with, and perhaps some feedback (depending on age and speech). So how to chose the right shoe and know what's truly happening to their foot? In this post along with the help of Team Bear-Foot we'd like to show you what goes on when the foot is inside various shoes, to highlight why fact #1 in our Foot Health info is so important (that's why it's #1!). So what is fact #1?  - CHILDREN'S FEET ARE NOT MINIATURE VERSIONS  OF ADULT FEET - ...Shoes should have....A WIDE TOE BOX (And ours do - see below!).   Test #1 - Popsy   We selected...

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